Hospital Referrals

This page contains information about your hospital care following a referral by your GP. A GP may refer you for further treatment for your medical condition if it is appropriate..

When will I have an appointment?

GPs cannot organise specific appointments. Their referral letter is read by the relevant hospital team who decide on an appropriate appointment depending on clinical need and the hospital’s capacity to deal with patients. 

In general there are 3 types of appointments (wait times dependent on speciality)

  1. Routine: wait times currently around 3 months – 2 years
  2. Urgent: 1-3 months
  3. 2 Week Wait for possible cancer if your symptoms match the protocol set by each speciality

GPs can request an urgent appointment for patients with more serious symptoms.

What do I do if my symptoms get worse or I develop new symptoms whilst I am waiting.

  • If you are in severe pain or have a sudden marked change in your condition you should be assessed directly in Accident and Emergency
  • If you develop a new symptom that you feel may be related to your problem, please ask for a telephone appointment with your GP.

What should my hospital doctor provide when I have an appointment?

Your hospital doctor is responsible for ordering and following up any tests and investigation (results do not come back to the GP).

If you need to start taking a new medication your hospital doctor should initiate medication and provide a prescription for 28 days. The hospital doctor should advise the GP if this is to be continued.

Should you need to have significant treatment or an operation your hospital doctor should provide a Fit Note for employers following discharge covering the whole length of time you are expected to need off work taking into account the demands of your job.

Where can I contact for advice should I have any queries or issues?

If you have an issue with your medication or prescription, please contact your hospital doctor via their secretary or hospital pharmacist.

If you have problems following an operation, please contact the ward you received treatment at.

If you are have any other issues or concerns with any aspect of your hospital care, please contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS):

Warwick Hospital:  01926 600054

UHCW (Coventry): 0800 028 4203

CWPT Mental Health Trust: 0800 212 445