Our car park is for staff and disabled patients only. Please ensure you do not park your vehicle there unless you have a disabled badge. 


About Us

Waterside Medical Centre is pleased to announce that we have completed a large extension of the existing practice building. We are extremely excited to expand our clinical and office space to improve patient experience when visiting the surgery.

The extension includes a two storey extension at the front and back of the building, creating 7 additional consulting rooms and clinical admin space.

We expect you will have noticed that we have a new logo for Waterside Medical Centre to go with our new extension. Designed by Emma Alfano-Hughes it features three irregular concentric blue circles. The overall shape and colour represents water as our building was originally next to the canal. However, the logo also represents our idea of people and their care. The blue colour becomes deeper towards the centre illustrating the layers and depth of the human psyche. The shapes are slightly irregular underlining the fact that we’re all different and none of us are perfect. The circular shape is all-encompassing and reflects a caring, holistic approach to medicine.

Please take a moment to read the information below to make yourself familiar with the new building and layout.

Ashton Wing

Ashton Wing is named after Ashton House. This is the location of the old Practice on George Street in Leamington Spa from 1978 to 2001 before we moved to Waterside Medical Centre.

The Ashton Wing is located off the main waiting room with six GP consulting rooms. Dr Watt, Dr Thomas and Dr Hargest can be found in the Ashton Wing.

Nightingale Wing

Nightingale Wing is named after Florence Nightingale and accommodates our nursing team.

The Nightingale Wing is located at the front of the building with it’s own waiting room. All nurses and blood tests can be found in the Nightingale Wing.

Warneford Wing

Warneford Wing is named after the Warneford Hospital located a little further down the Radford Road between 1834 and 1993. The hospital was named after Samuel Wilson Warneford, a philanthropist who donated £3,000 of the £4,000 needed to build the hospital.

The Warneford Wing is located at the rear of the building and is a newly built wing with it’s own waiting room. Dr Bala, Dr Thaker, Dr Wiggett and GP trainee rooms can be found in the Warneford Wing.

Build Photos