Covid Vaccination Update

Covid Vaccination Update14th December 2021

Following the government announcement yesterday, the Leamington PCN are working hard to expand capacity for COVID Boosters in Leamington.

Our amazing team of GPs, Nurses, Administrators, Receptionists, Call Handlers, HCAa, Cleaners, Vaccinators, Marshals and more have been running the COVID vaccine programme since December 2020. Staff and Volunteers have worked in the evenings and weekends and fitted shifts around their normal jobs to help vaccinate our community.

We are actively moving forwards with Boosters and aim to vaccinate as many people as we can by the end of December.

Our COVID Vaccination team are ordering vaccine, planning clinics and filling rotas behind the scenes. Please follow Leamington PCN on Facebook for up to date information about walk-in clinics:

Your patience is greatly appreciated. We will soon be able to offer more appointments and vaccine clinics. We are planning to provide walk-in clinics in the local town so please do follow our social media pages to get the information about when and where these will be taking place.

Please keep hold of your booking link sent via your GP practice. If you have queries about your vaccine records or need to book a first or second dose please call 119 or visit the nhs website. GP practices are receiving large numbers of queries about COVID vaccines.

If you’ve had COVID vaccines abroad you need to arrange an appointment via the NHS online system to have your records updated: Please follow this link to make your appointment:

For all other vaccine queries, please email:

Please avoid calling your practice about COVID vaccines and email your surgery if you do still support from your practice after going online or calling 119. This means that patients with urgent clinical concerns are able to get through.

As a local health care team we are also appealing for volunteer marshals who make our clinics possible. If you are able to help at all over the next few weeks please email:

Covid Vaccination Update – 4th May 2021

Patients are able to access their COVID vaccination information via the NHS App or Patient Access App. Here you will be able to view and download your vaccination records. These Apps are free to sign up for and can be downloaded via the App Store or Google Play store. For support with accessing your medical records online, please email: Please be aware that the practice is not able to provide letters regarding COVID vaccination status and we do not supply COVID vaccination passports.

Covid Vaccination Update – 1st February 2021

Waterside Medical Centre is working with the Leamington Spa PCN to deliver COVID vaccinations to cohorts of patients under the JCVI guidance.


We are receiving a large number of queries about the COVID vaccine. Please be assured that we will contact all eligible patients as soon as we have confirmed vaccination delivery dates. We receive limited numbers of vaccines in each delivery so will be contacting patients in stages. Please wait to be contacted and do not call your surgery to try to arrange an appointment.

How will I know when it’s my turn to receive the vaccine?

We will contact you via SMS message or telephone call when you become eligible to receive the vaccine and we have vaccine deliveries confirmed. Ensuring that you have an up to date mobile number on your medical records helps us to reach you more efficiently.

Patients with mobile telephone numbers on their records will receive an SMS with a link to book your vaccine. Our SMS link will ask you to confirm your DOB when booking your appointment. We are aware that people are cautious of scams relating to the COVID vaccine. We will NEVER ask for financial or bank details. If you receive an SMS link to book your jab, please book your appointment as soon as possible as this helps to ensure our clinics are filled and no vaccine is wasted.

Patients with landline telephone numbers will be called by a member of the practice or PCN call handling team to book your vaccine over the telephone. We will NEVER ask for financial or bank details. Please be aware we are working to book significant numbers of patients in for vaccination and there is a large impact on our workforce.

If you are housebound or live in a care home, the PCN team will contact you to arrange a visit to deliver your vaccine. We are working extremely hard to ensure this cohort of patients receive their vaccine as soon as possible. Our practice team will be supporting the PCN to vaccinate all housebound patients. We are currently waiting for vaccination deliveries to be confirmed and anticipate you will receive your vaccine within the next couple of weeks.

If we do not have an up to date telephone number on your medical records, we will write to you with instructions to book your appointment.

I have questions or queries about the COVID vaccine:

If you have questions about the COVID vaccination programme, please email:

I received a letter from NHS England to book an appointment at a national or mass vaccination site:

Some eligible patients in Coventry and Warwickshire will receive a letter from the NHS offering them to book an appointment for their COVID vaccine at a large vaccination centre. We understand that many patients will prefer to attend locally to receive their vaccine. Please note that all eligible patients are able to receive their COVID vaccine at one of our Leamington clinics and we will contact you to arrange your appointment.

I have had my first dose of the vaccine. When can I have my second dose?

The PCN is following the current guidance and we have been instructed to offer second doses of the vaccine at 12 weeks after the first dose. If you have had your first dose, please do not call the practice or try to book online to arrange your second dose. The PCN have recorded first vaccination doses using a national NHS system and we will contact you when it is time to book your second dose.

I have allergies, have a past history of anaphylaxis or carry an Epipen. Can I have the vaccine?

Please inform the practice or call handler if you have any of these conditions when booking your vaccine. The vaccine is not recommended for people with an allergy to its ingredients.

The PCN is continuing to stay up to date with the latest NHS guidance and our teams are working extremely hard to roll out the vaccine as quickly as possible. For more information about the COVID vaccine, visit:

Thank you for your patience and support.